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What is Spectrio StoreCast?

June 28, 2012

Ever wish you could advertise to your clients or customers while they’re in your establishment? With Spectrio StoreCast, you can do that and more!

StoreCast is a program for adding short, interspersed mini-ads into your overhead music. Use StoreCast to influence your customers’ buying decisions, promote new services or products, advertise add-ons, and specials while reinforcing your brand at the point of sale.

Here’s how it works:

1. Choose your Atmosphere: We’ll help you find an Atmospheres music library that plays overhead in your business. This library is based on a review of your business’ demographics and is targeted directly to your customers. All music is fully-licensed and screened for sensitive content. You’ll even hear up to 40 hours of music without a repeat!

2. Share with us: Let us know about your current specials, seasonal promotions, add-ons, or anything else you’d like your customers to hear about.

3. We’ll do the work: A Creative Consultant will write up your messages and submit them for your approval. Once you give us the OK, we’ll use a professional voice talent to record them. Then, our tech support will load the messages to your equipment at any interval you like.  If you have a special event or even a short-term promotion, let us know and we’ll have it ready to play when you need it!

For more information about Spectrio StoreCast, visit our website, email, or call us at 800.584.4653 x6382.

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