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Q&A: What type of hold music should I use for my business?

March 14, 2013


This is another one of those questions that depends on two things: your callers (most important) and your business model.

Your Callers

As a business owner, you have to think about who is calling your company in order to choose appropriate hold music. After all, an elderly caller will likely not appreciate the same type of music as a college student, and vice versa. The elderly set might enjoy a soft easy listening or classical selection, while college students would like a more upbeat rock or techno/dance music. There could be variety in these selections, but these would be what we’d most likely recommend based simply on the ages of  your callers.

Of course, it’s relatively easy to choose music that caters to only one demographic. But what if your callers include both college students and elderly? You have to find a middle ground that works with the tastes of two completely different groups of people, which can be challenging. In this case, you might use an upbeat light rock to keep the younger callers’ attention while not offending the older callers. Smooth jazz is always a safe bet, though younger people tend to think of  smooth jazz as “elevator music.” The key is in finding something varied and upbeat but not too trendy or “spicy.”

Your Business Model

So, you own a Mexican restaurant. What do callers expect to hear while holding? Probably some type of Latin Jazz, or something with south-of-the-border flair. A sporting goods store? Perhaps the local college fight song, upbeat dance music, or a motivational track. A spa? Definitely quiet, soothing music that gets callers “in the mood” before they even make their appointment.

Think about the type of business you own and the image you want to project, then find some music that gives you that feeling.

Here are a few key words to think about when choosing your hold music:

  • smooth
  • strong
  • driving
  • hip
  • sincere
  • fresh
  • light
  • sunny
  • relaxed
  • cool
  • spicy
  • exciting
  • festive
  • modern
  • fun
  • dramatic
  • powerful
  • soothing

We are happy to help guide you through the process, if you’re still not sure what kind of hold music to use for your business. Feel free to call us at 800.584.4653 x6382 or email us! You can also sample some of our music tracks here.

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